Monday, March 29, 2010

Sharing = Trust

I met a new friend of mine less than 5 months ago. We got very close 3 months ago until people around thought that we are an item. We aware of that and we just laughed it off. (She has a boyfriend for Christ’ sake! Lol.) Anyway, we spent much time together. Movies, dining, outings, sports etc. It really doesn’t get us a long period of time to feel comfortable with each other and before we knew it, we shared about our family, relationships, career, personal problems, and life principles.

Few days ago, she shared with me one of her biggest ‘mistakes’ that she made years ago. I listened attentively. I empathized with her. I was happy because she could finally let the problem go. I was proud of her.

I did not consider that sharing/experience was a ‘mistake’, but I took it as a precious experience that not all of us might have the chance to even taste just a little bit. Yes, it might sound stupid why would we let the ‘mistake’ happened. Come to think of it, would we still continue to let it happen IF we knew it was stupid to do so? I don’t think so. We were just blinded by many factors at that very moment, during that situation. Since it’s already happened, I strongly believe that she can be a very good example and share this to those who are facing the same issue. YOU can do it!

Each of us has a set of our very own original recipe of experiences. That is what made each of us a unique individual. Imagine that all of us have no other choices but to have chicken rice for every meal, everyday. Yes, CHICKEN RICE EVERYDAY!!! Thank God that He is a creative God! =D

Life is about decision making. A lot of factors need to be considered before making any final decisions, both controllable and uncontrollable. If we made it right, smile and be proud of yourself. If we made it wrong, laugh it off, pick yourself up, learn from our mistakes, and move on! There are lots of new challenges and opportunities waiting in front of you.

To that person that I’m referring to, (you know who you are) I’m proud that you are all over it! Thank you for your trust. =)



  1. wow.. am so impressive of this..

    your words brought me back to my past that was a nightmare, which i dunno when it gonna end.

    How i hope myself can overcome my biggest failure years ago, the biggest mistake that ruin part of my life, that everyone gonna shock
    with a big "WOW!".

    I smile to myself as i have no reason to hide,
    I laugh at myself as i have to admit i did it wrong.. to trust~

    But i always believe, as wat u said-

    as long as yourself never give up,
    there is an opportunity in front of you,
    there is another challenge awaiting you,
    and it is the success you gonna fight for it.

    Dato. lolx =)

  2. ehmm.. again.. very nice entry..

    i do have my own "mistakes".. but i'm too afraid to share it with others..especially friends around me..

    well..after reading your entry i might soon do the same..hehe..just keeping it inside me..doesn't do me any good either..kan..